The continuous research on the national and international scene has allowed us to ascertain the goodness of different products and to evaluate their strengths and their weaknesses.

Poly3 has always considered fiberglass, like gel-coats and resin, of fundamental importance for those who produce fiberglass artifacts.

We are sure we can offer our customers glass fibers at an excellent quality-price ratio.

Poly3 can supply


Emulsion or powder
in various weights (100 gr/mq, 225 gr/mq, 300 gr/mq, 450 gr/mq, 600 gr/mq, 900 gr/mq)

Woven roving

In various weights (300 gr/mq, 500 gr/mq, 600 gr/mq)

Combination products (woven roving/mat)

In various weights (acc. 300/300 gr/mq, 500/300 gr/mq, 500/450 gr/mq, 600/300 gr/mq, 800/300 gr/mq, 225/500 gr/mq)


Cutting or wrapping

Various fabrics and PVC

Poly3 also provides other types of fabrics such as:

  • biaxial and triaxial fabrics (in various weights)
  • nonwoven fabric in different thicknesses (2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm)
  • film of surface (Vetro C)
  • weight and light weight fabrics
  • PVC (of different thicknesses and densities)